Are you ready for a money makeover?

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? Do you have payments monthly towards various debts and more month at the end of your money? This book could be what you need to help you pull your life together and get out of debt and in to a better lifestyle.

Seriously though I read this book in 3 days flat because I couldn’t put it down. the baby steps he has listed out make the whole process seem so easy and efficient its impossible not to succeed (unless you don’t try.)

The book has hundreds of stories from people who took the Total Money Makeover challenge and even includes real stories from Dave about how he lost everything and built himself back up to millionaire status.

We are on the fast track to getting out of debt (truck loan mostly) and should be living in greener pastures before our kid is in kindergarten.

step 1 – save $1,000 fast (baby emergency fund)

step 2- pay off debts (this is where we are sitting right now)

step 3- have a 3-6month emergency fun (layoffs happen)

step 4- invest (this is where your retirement plans get started)

step 5- college funds (for the kids)

step 6- pay off house

step 7- give (by this point you’re wealthy from investing, saving, and have no debts to your name)

You can buy this book from amazon, like I did. Its a great read. Dave has a great sarcastic, non-sugar coating/ slightly cynical voice to him and can definitely provide the motivation needed to kick start your life for the better.


Electric Lawn Mower & Weed Wacker for CHEAP!

Get an electric lawn mower AND a weed whacker/edger for less than the cost of the lawn mower.

lawn mower originally $239.99
weed whacker originally $79.99
after rebates and cash back like paying $145.33-$155.33


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Total $271.98

use promo codes RMN15OFF and SPECIAL15 = -$53.55

pay $218.43

get back $40 Kohls cash

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like paying $155.33 or $145.33 if new Ebates member


Additional Savings Option-

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5qt Kitchen Aid Mixer (any color) only $167!

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Search to add the KitchenAid KSM150PS Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixer to your cart (ANY COLOR!)

Price $349.99

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Pay $284.74 (not including taxes and surcharges)

Get back $10 Yes2You Rewards

Get back $50 Kohls Cash

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LIKE PAYING $177.66 or $167.66 if new to Ebates


Edited to add an Additional Savings Option!

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Use the gift card to cover most of the cost and you pay the difference.

so Really you can pay as low as $127.49!


TODAY ONLY KITCHEN AID DEAL Less than half off retail

I have broken down 2 easy scenarios for you, one is slightly more complicated since it has more steps necessary to take, but the additional savings does make it work it (I promise.)

Both deals happen at and are for the KitchenAid KSM75 Classic Plus 4.5-qt. Stand Mixer (only available in white) it may not be the color you want, but you can always cover it in decals or if you are fine with voiding the warranty, some people have had success customizing theirs with spray paint and a good sealant.

Alright, on to the savings..right?

Remember this deal is valid for TODAY ONLY!

OPTION #1- pay $223.99 get back rebates and like paying $130.61

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  • Checkout and pay $233.99
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OPTION #2- Requires a few more steps in the beginning Pay $204.99, after rebates like paying $111.61

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  • will be paying $204.99 but after rebates it will be like paying $111.61

~No taxes or surcharges were added in to these scenarios as it will be different per region, so plan accordingly.

Win Prizes and a chance at a year supply of hipster panties

Yes you read the headlines correctly. How awesome is that?! 100 pcs of underwear, that a crazy insane amount that could do a great deal to ones personal wardrobe. is having a very special contest. Just sign up with my referral link HERE. Get your own link, and share away. Every person who signs up under you earns you 1 point.

10points- *locked prize-  FREE PANTY

25points-*locked prize- FREE PACK OF 5 PANTY


This is exciting! 🙂 Who doesn’t like free stuff?



Dollar Tree Makeover

Dollar Tree-

Seriously one of the greatest stores around, everything is $1. And while yes, some stuff is made cheaply, there is actually some stuff of real quality in there, and a time goes on and the store become more popular, the item quality has been getting noticeably better as well. Every year it’s like they “step up their game” and bring a new level of awesome.

I really enjoy buying my cheap holiday and seasonal décor from there, for #1- it’s cheap and replaceable if it has an accident. And #2- I can spend $20 and have a fully decorated beautiful home without guilt of overspending.

This past week I went ahead and made a trip to DT, and grabbed some items to spruce up my home in celebration of Valentine’s Day next month.


Small burlap rustic looking Love signs are simply adorable and had to be bought- no self-control here.

The heart shaped black board- Instantly wanted it for my menu board on the fridge.


Colored construction paper provided an hour of fun with my kid making paper chains for the living room windows.

coffee bar

Holiday themed Coffee Mugs for my small coffee bar. (Only the 4 in the center were from DT, the other 2 were holiday clearance last year at Walmart.) But don’t they just look adorable? They really brighten up the whole area with color.

contac paper

Contact paper- a giant elf adhesive ticker that can safely be removed without damage to the item underneath. Often used for renters to give homes a cheap makeover.

contact paper2

I contact paper lined my fridge, and I am so happy that I did. It just looks so much cleaner and pretty that I find myself opening the fridge more-not good on the house heating bills this way lol. I got this much of my fridge done for only $2 and had contact paper leftover! *Just please ignore the messy appearance of my fridge door-It has a mind of its own.

I did hold myself back from buying the giant heart felt fabric placemats, because had I bought those, I would have gotten a minimum of 10, to sew together into a table runner. And with other items in my cart I was already close to my $20 spending limit I set myself.

Save over $40 on Eyehadow!

From now until 1/31/16 you can score some amazing eyeshadow for only $5.99, regularly $49.99!

Click HERE to go get it and add it to your cart.

Use promo code GLITEYE12 at checkout and watch the price drop to only $5.99 shipped!

This is a great deal to snag and save for gifts throughout the year. Or to keep for yourself, can’t have too many makeup options, right?

Rachael Ray Cucina 12-pc. Hard-Enamel Nonstick Cookware Set

In the market for a new set of cookware? (Who isn’t right?) This here is a GREAT deal on Some nice cookware from Kohl’s.

Rachael Ray Cucina 12-pc. Hard-Enamel Nonstick Cookware Set

Sale $149.99 Regular $249.99

Deal is at and has been broken down into cardholders and non card holders. One more reason why its a great idea to have store cards. You can Save so much more!

Kohls Card Holders Official Breakdown

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Check out and pay $104 +tax

You will earn back:

-$20 Kohls Cash

-$5 Yes2You Rewards (if you are signed up for this program)

$6.24 ebates +$10bonus

When your order is delivered submit for the $30 mail in rebate

So you get back $71.24 through rebates and cash back.

Like Paying $32.76 (plus your areas tax rates)

Remember this set is normally $250! So this is a GREAT deal!!



Non-Card Holders-

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Apply promo code NEW20 for 20% off ($29.99)

Checkout and pay $120

But you will have earned back:

$20 Kohls Cash

$5 Yes2You Rewards (if you are signed up for this program)

$7.20 ebates +$10bonus

When your order is delivered submit for the $30 mail in rebate

So you get back $72.20 through rebates and cash back.

Like Paying $47.80 (plus your areas tax rates)

Remember this set is normally $250! So this is a GREAT deal!!

Review on Prolific Kitchen Tupperware for weightloss

By now a majority of the population has already heard about Beachbody, and its weight loss program involving Shakeology and colored Tupperware.

Prolific Kitchen Portion Control Containers Set for Weight Loss (7 Pcs)- Bpa-free, Leaf-proof, Multi-color Lids (Guide Included)

This prolific kitchen weight loss pack you are buying comes with the exact same sized containers as that of the competition. There is virtually no difference in colors, sizes or quality. This pack also comes with what could be described as a summarized pamphlet of the competition as well. Although the pamphlet isn’t as diverse in foods and does contain a typo/spacing error, it’s still great. You take your body weight, and do some simple math provided right there on the front two pages, to find your calorie intake, and food portions needed, and is incredibly simple and easy to use. Although it doesn’t come with recipes, you can find hundreds online just by searching for them. I have had these containers in my possession for a week now, and have had my husband put on them as a form of weight-loss/ portion control. He is down 2lbs since the first day (despite his lack of self-control and his constant cheats to the diet.) I thoroughly love how easy these containers are to use and wash, since I’ve had to use them multiple times daily for the past week. They have been everywhere from the microwave, to the dishwasher and freezer and held up just as well as a great quality Tupperware piece would. They have not gotten any stains or shown any wear to them either. I would suggest buying more than one pack so that you can have an easier time meal planning and prepping instead of constantly rinsing and washing the same piece over and over again. OR you can just use your own measuring cups from home, since the pamphlet also gives you the correct measuring cup correspondence.
I included a picture of items resting in the containers, a picture of them once cooked into a healthy portioned omelet, and a picture of an entire days’ worth of food according to the colored containers calorie chart (provided in the pamphlet.) There is one more orange container than should be, but since I meal prep 2-3 days at a time, I roll over any unused containers into another day, and this extra orange is one that will be missing the day after.

Erase Your Debt

Here are some helpful ways to help you erase your debt.

Make a Budget-

Creating a budget is by far the smartest way to stay organized. With it you can know how much money you have, where it’s going, and use that knowledge to discover where you can cut or add to places. It can get frustrating to make one at first, since you need to track down EVERYTHING, but once its put together, maintaining it is fairly simple. You can create one using a notepad and pencil, or open up an excel spreadsheet. Go ahead and track all your expenses for a few weeks and write down everything,use that … [READ MORE]